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Supply of Specialty Chemical, Stocks Inventory and Blending Facilities

  • Onshore Chemicals - DIPA and Sulfolane
  • Offshore Chemicals - Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor, Pour Point Depressant, Biocides/ SRB Control, Dehydration, Sludge Breaker, Water Clarifier, Demulsifiers / Emulsifiers, Crude Drag Reduser.
  • Environmental Chemicals / Decontimination Services - Mercury Removal, Hydrogen Sulphate Removal, CO2 Removal.

DAYA OCI (DOCI) chemical division has seriously embarked into chemical application business by recent signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CESTI Technologies Sdn Bhd (CESTECH), a local expert of chemical applications in the area of chemical cleaning, environmental engineering and customized chemical solutions.

CESTECH has successfully experiencing many project from tank decontaminations, equipment chemical cleanings, sludge minimization, cleaning waste treatment, product conditioning, etc in supporting major works in oil & gas industry.

This venture will synergistically provide our clients a total solution from engineering, design, supply and application as one stop centre.

Our scope of services shall vary from chemical cleaning, environmental science and engineering and customized chemical solutions. 

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   Storage of DIPA Inside Drums  Storage of DIPA Inside ISOTANKS

Blending Facility at Kemaman Supply Base (KSB)

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